Masal Podi (Garam Masala)


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Spices are ingredients used to provide flavour,color or shelf life to foods.Garam Masala is a food garnish whose name literally means “Hot Spice”.Garam Masala is popularly used in vegetable sabzis,soups,curries and more recipes but it can be used to provide a warm,rich and exotic taste.This spice is usually added at the end of cooking a dish or sprinkled on it while serving.This Podi is prepared using dhaniya(coriander seeds),sombu(fennel seeds),milagu(pepper),vendhayam(fenugreek seeds),jeeragam(jeera),cardamom,kasa kasa(poppy seeds),marathi moggu,kirambu,pattai,red chilli,virali manjal,brinji leaf(bay leaf).

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